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Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson

Owner: Quality Supply LLc,  Alba Properties & Musclestache LLC

I was born in Reno, NV way back in 1973. As a Reno native I still live and love it here in my hometown. I was married to my beautiful Italian wife Daniela in 1995 and have enjoyed the last 23 years married to her and am blessed with 3 amazing kids.  I Graduated Procter R. HUG High school in 1991. Worked from a very young age in the family pallet business and after high school went right into taking this business on as my career.

As a business owner I was afforded the time and opportunity along the way to develop other business along the way. One of which was a Crossfit gym that I loved and operated for years until I sold it to a dear friend and important advisor for many things, Krissy Mae Cagney. Along my journey with the gym is where I met my now business partners: Bobby Baum, who was an instrumental therapist for me an injury recovery, and games athlete, Sean Sweeney, who was a fellow gym owner and who I had the fun of competing against in many events.

The things I enjoy most now are days off just relaxing at home, camping, and being outdoors (when it’s warm😬), traveling, or spending my spare time with great friends I have in the gym.