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The Musclestache 3 in 1 Roller
The Musclestache 3 in 1 Roller
The Musclestache 3 in 1 Roller

The Musclestache 3 in 1 Roller

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The 3-in-1 Roller Covers all the bases!!

Foam rollers are becoming everyday tools. Not only do they work your muscles and speed the recovery process, but they’re also adaptable and simple to use. 

The 3-in-1 Triple Roller from Musclestache treats your muscles to a beneficial full-body massage! First, the outer textured roller features bumps and grooves that effectively target common areas of concern. Ideal for larger areas like the back and shoulders, quads and calves.  The roller offers pain relief by releasing tight knots and pressure. You’ll enjoy a deep tissue mobility sessio anytime, anywhere!

On deck is our low-density foam roller, which is ideal for lighter recovery sessions! Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike will love using this on sore or sensitive areas of the body – perfect for after those intense training sessions. Finally, our rumble stick can provide recovery in the areas where foam rolling is more difficult. 

Made with high quality materials that can withstand a beating and repeated use, you can rest easy knowing the musclestache Triple Roller will be your gym companion for years to come!

Why Choose the Musclestache Triple Roller? 

- It has a mustache on it
- Includes 3 rollers for a full-body treatment
- Relieve muscle pain, adhesions and discomfort
- Simple to use yet highly effective
- Lightweight and easy to pack
- Made with high density, durable foam fro it will last