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The Benefits and Risks of Cryotherapy

The Benefits and Risks of Cryotherapy Ready for another bio hack? A growing number of people are turning to cryotherapy to help improve their health.  This rising trend does not have a long history of scientific data to back up the exact benefits and risks, but there are some very strong perceived benefits of this new treatment trend (as well as some very low perceived risks)!  Keep reading to learn more… What is Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is used to describe any treatment that exposes your entire body, or one targeted area of the body, to freezing or near freezing temperatures for several minutes. Whole-body cryotherapy is rising in popularity as cryo-saunas become increasingly popular in medical spas, gyms, and therapy organizations.  The science...

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Did You Fall Off the Fitness Wagon? How To Reboot Your Routine

Did You Fall Off the Fitness Wagon?  How To Reboot Your Routine Have you let the gym become the bottom for your priority list?  We all know how important daily exercise is to create a healthy lifestyle, but we all know one missed gym day can turn into a missed week, and then a missed month.  If you are ready to rekindle your relationship with fitness check out our tips below. Let’s Get Back into a Routine Falling off the wagon is normal – let’s be real.  Work gets busy, life gets in the way, and the new norm becomes cutting out your gym hour to make more time for those things you HAVE to do.  Maybe things have settled...

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Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling): A Tool for Muscle Recovery and Repair

Self-Myofascial Release (Foam Rolling): A Tool for Muscle Recovery and Repair Hey ‘Stachers! Have you started to practice mindful eating?  Have you noticed any changes in how you are consuming food?  Share with us your thoughts!  Have you noticed our new mobility tool on our website?  We have created a 3-in-1 roller for a full body massage.  It includes a large foam roller for larger areas like the back and shoulders, quads and calves, a low-density roller for light recovery, and a rumble stick for areas the foam rollers have difficulty reaching.  They are conveniently stackable for easy travel and has our one of a kind mustache logo on it (for an added bonus).  To celebrate our new product, we...

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A Quick Overview of Mindful Eating

A Quick Overview of Mindful Eating Hey ‘Stachers! How is your skincare routine going?  I have added collagen into my protein and have been practicing perfect skincare before and after the gym – I am happy to report my skin is looking great despite the winter harshness!  Don’t forget to share your favorite skincare products with us on social media!  Let’s Talk About Mindful Eating This week we are talking about mindful eating; mindful eating is based on the Buddhist concept of “mindfulness.”  Mindfulness is a form of meditation that allows a person to bring awareness to their choices, experiences, cravings, and physical cues that occur when eating. Mindful eating helps to reconnect our innate inner astuteness about hunger and satiety...

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No Sweat Skincare Routine for Pre- and Post- Workout

No Sweat Skincare Routine for Pre- and Post- Workout Hey ‘Stachers! Have you added collagen into your supplement routine after our last post?  After writing last week’s post I decided to add it into mine... no noticeable changes yet, but I will keep ya updated! This week I want to chat about one part of a gym routine that many of us may be skipping – prepping your skin for workouts and taking care of your skin after workouts (I know I am guilty of this).  Being someone who does not experience very many breakouts or have sensitive skin, this was not on my radar, but after some reading, I have learned so much about how proper skin care pre...

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