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A Tribute and Tradition – Murph on Memorial Day

A Tribute and Tradition – Murph on Memorial Day Gyms and individuals everywhere are celebrating Memorial Day with a grueling workout this weekend known as “Murph.”  If you have been a part of the fitness community for a long time, you dutifully get out your weight vest, and get to work.  Your body may ache as you complete the workout, but it is nothing compared to the sacrifice men and women have made for the freedom of the United States – so get your vest on, chalk up, and get ready for the annual “Murph” workout. Lt. Michael P. Murphy “Murph” is named for Lt. Michael P. Murphy.  Lt. Murphy was a United States Navy SEAL officer who died in...

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Mommy and Me Workouts: No Gym Required!

Mommy and Me Workouts: No Gym Required! Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Musclestache moms out there!  We know being a mom is the hardest job out there and thank you for everything you do!  In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to gift you with a workout you can do at home with your sweet babe in a matter of minutes! New Mom = No Time for Gym A lot of us come up with excuses for taking time away from the gym, but none is more legitimate than finding the balance once a new baby enters the picture.  As a new mom, it’s important to find a daily schedule that serves both yourself as well as your...

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Gym Culture Builds a Community – Which Impacts Your Gym Experience and Success

Gym Culture Builds a Community – Which Impacts Your Gym Experience and Success The culture of your gym can make or break your experience and can impact how successful you are in the gym. It is essential to find a gym that suits you and a community that can take your gym experience to the next level. What is Gym Culture? The culture of a gym drives expectations, experiences, and philosophy.  It also defined the values that guide member behavior, and is expressed in member self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. Culture is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, and written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valid.  Culture provides...

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Do Preworkout Supplements Actually Work?

Do Preworkout Supplements Actually Work? We all want to get the most out of our workouts, and sometimes our time in the gym is limited.   Enter the appeal of preworkout supplements. What are Preworkouts? Preworkouts can be any combination of supplements, usually a powder that should be mixed with water, consumed prior to a workout with the promise of boosting energy and performance, and upping your results.   Every company has their own formulation of ingredients that make up their ideal supplemental boost so it is important to remember no two preworkout brands will be the same.  Popular ingredients include B vitamins, caffeine, antioxidants, amino acids, carbs, and natural/artificial flavoring. Do They Work? Is There a Risk? Some preworkouts are well...

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Using Electric Muscle Stimulators for Recovery

Using Electric Muscle Stimulators for Recovery Electric muscle stimulators (EMS) units are devices that deliver electrical impulses to muscles to make them contract.  Many athletes are using EMS to help with recovery by increasing blood flow and removing lactic acid.  Keep reading to learn more about incorporating this into your recovery routine! EMS Provides Active Recovery During training, blood vessels in your muscles dilate and lactic acid begins to build up.  This eventually leads to muscle inflammation, more commonly known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  EMS, along with good wellness practices, allows you to get back to training even faster.  EMS devices provide the stimulus that would naturally come from your central nervous system to contract which releases nitric...

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