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Using Electric Muscle Stimulators for Recovery

Using Electric Muscle Stimulators for Recovery Electric muscle stimulators (EMS) units are devices that deliver electrical impulses to muscles to make them contract.  Many athletes are using EMS to help with recovery by increasing blood flow and removing lactic acid.  Keep reading to learn more about incorporating this into your recovery routine! EMS Provides Active Recovery During training, blood vessels in your muscles dilate and lactic acid begins to build up.  This eventually leads to muscle inflammation, more commonly known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  EMS, along with good wellness practices, allows you to get back to training even faster.  EMS devices provide the stimulus that would naturally come from your central nervous system to contract which releases nitric...

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Tape Up Your Injuries with Kinesiology Tape

Tape Up Your Injuries with Kinesiology Tape Brightly colored or patterned kinesiology tape has shown up on professional athletes everywhere since its prominence at the 2008 Olympics.  Curious to learn more about what this tape can do?  Keep reading to find out more! What Is Kinesiology Tape? Kinesiology tape is used to help relieve pain in muscles, joints, and ligaments, and can be used to support functional motion.  The unique design of KT tape differs from athletic tape because it is made of cotton fibers which makes it more pliable than athletic tape.  This allows it to support movement of the body and range of motion, rather than restrict it.  What Does Kinesiology Tape Do? Kinesiology tape is used for...

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Finding Your Why and Why it Matters

Finding Your Why and Why it Matters Finding your “why” is an essential part of finding your intrinsic motivation for many journeys, but it is especially important for maintaining a very long journey like discovering and maintaining your optimal level of physical health and performance. We are often very good at defining a “what” and a “how,” but a “why” digs a little deeper into an individual’s own resilience and motivation.  Keep reading to learn how to do some introspective work to find your why! The Power of Why As mentioned above, it is easy to define a “what” and a “how”.  For example, when you are on a journey for weight loss your what is losing weight and your how...

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Prehab: A Proactive Approach to Preventing Injuries

Prehab: A Proactive Approach to Preventing Injuries Hey fitness enthusiasts! Today we are talking about something that many of us probably inadvertently practice, but maybe have not labeled.  Prehabilitation aka “prehab” is a popular buzzword in the world of fitness lately and can help to prevent injuries before rehab is needed.  Keep reading to find out more about this trend and how it can benefit your training sessions. What is Prehab? Rehabilitation (in the context of physiology and fitness) can be described as the act of restoring normal function through training and/or therapy after an injury.  In contrast, prehabilitation is the act of training and/or therapy before an injury occurs.  Prehab can help address an individual’s deficits in range of motion,...

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Worth Their Weight: Weighted Blankets for Adults

Worth Their Weight: Weighted Blankets for Adults Weighted blankets have a long history of being used in occupational therapy, especially in children. However, very recently, weighted blankets have exploded into the mainstream and are being marketed to help ease symptoms of sleep, anxiety, autism, and sensory disorders.  How do weighted blankets work and will it work for you?  Keep reading to learn more! How do weighted blankets work? Weighted blankets work through deep touch pressure (DTP) (also known as deep pressure therapy (DPT)). DTP help to release serotonin and dopamine which regulates brain functions who help with sensory regulation. Serotonin further converts into melatonin which induces sleep in the body.  Additionally, some research has shown that gentle or light pressure has the ability...

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