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Mobility vs. Flexibility - What's the Difference?

Mobility vs. Flexibility - What's the Difference? Mobility and flexibility sometimes seem synonymous, but both words have very different meanings.  Keep reading to find out what the difference is between mobility and flexibility, and how to improve both! Mobility vs. Flexibility Simply put, flexibility refers to the ability of your soft tissues to stretch while mobility refers to the range of motion seen in muscle tissues, joints, and soft tissue.  Therefore, flexibility is under the umbrella of mobility, and both can impact the other, but success in one does not mean success in the other.  For example, you can have good flexibility when stretching, but when trying to perform a functional movement, mobility may be restricted due to overactive muscles...

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Five Recipes Using Your Protein Powder (Instead of a Shake)

Five Recipes Using Your Protein Powder (Instead of a Shake) Protein powder is a great way to get in your necessary protein intake for the day, but sometimes those shakes can get a little boring!  Check out these five recipes that’s lets you use your protein powder in a new way this week! Five Tips for Cooking with Protein Powder Before you start cooking with protein powder check out these five tips: Exchange flour for protein powder – the general rule is you can exchange 1/3 of the flour for protein. Make sure you are using a liquid – protein powder can make for a really dense product. Use something like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, apple sauce, or bananas. Make...

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Turmeric - The Golden Child of Recovery Supplements

Turmeric - The Golden Child of Recovery Supplements Here at The Musclestache we are a little bit obsessed with recovery, and because of that, we are so happy to see recovery gain the spotlight it deserves. Adequate recovery means better workouts, less missed workouts, and less chance of injuries.  Although there are a number of tools that can be used for recovery, what you put into your body can greatly impact recovery as well.  A rising star in recovery supplements right now is turmeric. Keep reading to find out why this golden supplement is worth its weight in gold and should be added to your post workout routine. What is Turmeric? Turmeric is a root found in Southeast Asia and India.  Its...

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How Hormones Impact Your Weight

How Hormones Impact Your Weight We often only think about hormones when we are thinking about puberty, but hormones are the chemical messengers that control almost all of our major body functions including reproduction, emotions, mood, and hunger. Hormones may also be the reason why men lose weight faster than women and a hormone imbalance may be a result of misbalanced hormones.  Keep reading to find out more about hormones and their impact on your weight overall. The Impact of Hormones Hormone imbalances and weight loss resistance often go hand in hand. Insulin regulation is the most important component of weight as insulin tells your body if you should be in fat burning mode or fat storage mode.  However, insulin is not...

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Go Hiking This Weekend

Go Hiking This Weekend Summer is officially here, and we are loving the opportunity to go outside!  One way to take advantage of the warm days is to leave your workout at the gym and try something new to get your exercise in.  Our suggestion?  Hiking! Why Hiking? Hiking has many benefits for your overall health including good for cardiovascular and lung health, increases your endurance and bone density, and provides an opportunity for your daily dose of Vitamin D.  In addition, hiking has been shown to reduce tension, anxiety, stress, and improves focus. One study even showed that people who are exposed to nature for four or more days show a 50% increase in creativity and problem-solving skills. 10 Reasons...

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