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Fan-Tashe-Tic Muscle Relief

The Musclestache effectively breaks down fascial tissue. The ergonomic design of this tool provides athletes with the ability to locate restrictions and treat the affected area with the appropriate amount of pressure.

CrossFit Games Athlete, Dallin Peppers

"I love to use the Musclestache before & after I workout to loosen up any tight areas to give myself more confidence going into WODs."

2018 CF Games Teen 16-17 Champion // 2016-17 CF Games Teen14-15 Champion

"I'd say I am worried about wearing the Musclestache out from overuse, but there is absolutely no way given its heavy duty construction. It also comes with the best customer service I have ever seen, answering every question I threw at them. All of the starts for all of the mobility!"

Jake Holland

Love our Musclestache!!!! Not only does it feel amazing but I'm seeing results in my recovery. The Musclestache beats all other graston or graston type tool out there with its design. Its different edges and multiple grips allow you to get into area's big or small and make it super easy to work on yourself.

Vanessa M

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The Musclestache was founded by three bros who love fitness & fun.